Tora Dice and Silk

Tora Dice and Silk
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  • Tora Dice and Silk - Red Version is another great dice effect from Tora Magic.
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Tora Dice and Silk – Red Version

Produced and Designed by Tora Magic


DESCRIPTION: Another great dice effect from Tora Magic. Magician shows a white silk and rubs it on a black box with a lid. Upon opening the black box a white dice is found. The white dice is shown completely, all sides and placed back into the black box. The magician shows a red silk repeating the same actions of rubbing it on the outside of the box. Upon opening the box now a white dice has now changed color and a red dice is found. Once the black dice is placed back into the box, the magician takes both the white and red silk, twists them together then proceeds to insert them through a hole in the top of the black box, pulling them completely through, however now the two silks have merged together as one zebra style blending of colors! When the black box is opened the dice has changed to match the silk once again.


INCLUDES: Comes complete as show with silks and dice.

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