Roamin Rabbit by Jack Hughes

Roamin Rabbits by Jack Hughes
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  • For your consideration is this Jack Hughes classic, Roamin Rabbit. The very first Roamin Rabbit prop ever built by Jack Hughes!!
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Roamin Rabbit by Jack Hughes

A very rare classic that is almost impossible to locate!

DESCRIPTION: For your consideration is this Jack Hughes classic, Roamin Rabbit. In this effect, children see the front of the hatch and are told that inside is the magician’s favorite rabbit. When asked to show it the magician pulls up the front hutch, but nothing is inside. After groans from the children, the yellow rabbits pokes it’s head out from the side of the hutch and the children let you know. However, there’s no rabbit inside the hutch. Then the rabbit pokes its head on the other side of the hutch and now has different colors. After a lot of back and forth the rabbit finally makes its appearance, 

NOTE: On the back of the instructions is a hand written note from this props original owner who was a friend of Jack Hughes, stating this was the very first Roamin Rabbit built by Jack Hughes given to him as a gift directly from Jack. Truly a very rare find for your collection.

CONDITION: Good condition, shows some wear from use and age. Top of hatch cover has a small wood chip.

Props measures 12″ X 7 1/2″ wide.

VINTAGE PROPS: Please keep in mind that our core items for sale are vintage, some dating back 20, 30, and even 50 years. As such, there’s going to be some form of aging wear, wear from use, perhaps paint or color imperfection due to just the shear age of the prop. Please use the picture(s) and your questions to gauge whether or not this item is for you, meets your collectible expectations. Sometimes a written description of a vintage, collectible, or rare prop doesn’t answer that one question you may have, so please reach out and ask before making a purchase if there’s any doubt.

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