MAK Magic Happy King Card Rise

MAK Magic Happy King Card Rise
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  • MAK Magic Happy King Card Rise very rare mechanical self contained unit.
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MAK Magic Happy King Card Rise

For your consideration is the very rare Happy King Card Rise by MAK Magic. This card rise starts with a selection of three cards, they are then placed back into the deck. You then introduce a jumbo size deck of cards explaining these are in sympathy of the regular deck. The jumbo deck is placed into a houlette and one by one the selected cards rise from the deck.

This a self contained unit, no electronics or threads, instead a wind-up mechanical method is used under the control of an on and off switch.

CONDITION: In good vintage condition, minimal wear. Card rise mechanism has been tested and works perfectly. Sorry, no instructions.

VINTAGE PROPS: Please keep in mind that our core items for sale are vintage, some dating back 20, 30, and even 50 years. As such, there’s going to be some form of aging wear, wear from use, perhaps paint or color imperfection due to just the shear age of the prop. Please use the picture(s) and your questions to gauge whether or not this item is for you, meets your collectible expectations. Sometimes a written description of a vintage, collectible, or rare prop doesn’t answer that one question you may have, so please reach out and ask before making a purchase if there’s any doubt.

SKILL: Recommended for collecting purposes. Vintage effects/props require practice and are not always automatic or gimmick to be self-working.

PACKAGING: All items are professionally and carefully packaged in a protective wrapping, surrounded with packing materials, such as styrofoam peanuts or some form of bubble wrap style filler, neatly placed into a sturdy box. Each box is sealed using high grade tape across all stress points in an effort to prevent accidental box tears or damage from the shipping processes.

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