Color Changing Dice 3 Times

Tora Color Changing Dice (3 Times)
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  • Color Changing Dice (3 Times) Tora Magic
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Color Changing Dice (3 Times) – Tora Magic

DESCRIPTION: The Color Changing Dice, 3 Times is a beautiful and well crafted prop from the Tora Magic product line. This is your classic Die tranformation routine.  A small box is shown containing a die that changes color 3 times as part of this wonderful Tora Magic routine. 

This amazing prop comes with well crafted box and associated dice to make the magic happen.

The box measures 4 1/4 inches square and 4 3/4 inches tall. Comes neatly packaged in it’s own custom box and Tora Magic’s instructional DVD.

CONDITION: New, never used.


PACKAGING: All items are professionally and carefully packaged in a protective wrapping, surrounded with packing materials, such as styrofoam peanuts or some form of bubble wrap style filler, neatly placed into a sturdy box. Each box is sealed using high grade tape across all stress points in an effort to prevent accidental box tears or damage from the shipping processes.

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