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Browse our selection of Mikame Craft and perhaps find that magic collectible you've been looking for. Whether it's a newer magic prop or vintage magic book, you'll definitely add to your magic trick collection and expand your knowledge as a magician.

Mikame Craft Magic is a world-class producer of magical apparatus, and currently manufactures some of the classic lines of magic! Each and every piece is hand-crafted to exacting specifications. They are noted for only using the finest materials into producing their amazing effects. Mikame Craft props are known through their unique design and creativity.The Mikame Craft props are collectible and some of the earlier ones are hard to find so grab them when you can.

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Mikame Craft

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Mikame Craft Double Flower Tray

Quality prop from Mikame Craft Magic, the Double Flower Tray.
$165 $145

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