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Browse our selection of MAK Magic and perhaps find that magic collectible you've been looking for. Whether it's a newer prop or vintage magic trick collectible, you'll definitely add to your magic trick collection and expand your knowledge as a magician.

MAK Magic is a very popular name brand in the magic industry. Many have grown up on these classic magic trick props. Today many of these props, especially the original U.F. Grant versions, have become very collectible and in many cases, hard to find. The company of MAK Magic known today actually started with Ulysses F Grant who was born in New York on January 12, 1901 later became one of the magic community’s most creative minds in the magic industry. Later in years to follow, the company was eventually turned over to James (Jimmy) King which evolved into the MAK Magic known today.

Be sure to make your resource for all your rare and vintage magic trick collectibles. Our selection changes all the time so if you see something you like, Choose from our selection of the top collectible magic trick manufacturers like UF Grant, Abbott's Magic, Milson Worth, Tora Magic, Wolf's Magic, and many others being added all the time. If you're looking for quality rare and vintage magic trick collectibles to add to your collection or performance,you've come to the right place!

MAK Magic

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MAK Magic King Candle

MAK Magic King Candle For your consideration is this classic MAK Magic effect, the King Candle. From the inventive mind of Jimmy King, this is a very earl
$74.95 $59

MAK Magic See-Thru Headless

Very collectible effect, See-Thru Headless Chest by MAK Magic. A very popular prop from the MAK Magic line for sale. This is the first version of this original MAK manufactured version from the late 1
$295 $250

MAK Magic Tak-Apart Vanish

MAK Magic Tak-Apart Vanish rare and vintage magic trick collectible. Add to your magic trick collection today!
$135 $110

Nite Club Dove Vanish

This is the classic take apart dove vanish where a dove is placed inside and then immediately the magic takes apart the box piece by piece showing it empty and the dove vanished.

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