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Browse our selection of Magic Books, Magic Trick Catalogs, Magician Magazines and perhaps find that magic collectible you've been looking for. Whether it's a newer magic book or vintage magic book, you'll definitely add to your magic trick collection and expand your knowledge as a magician.

Magic Books, Magic Trick Catalogs, Magician Magazines are valuable resources allowing to get insight into areas you were either curious to know more about, or provide knowledge you didn't expect to find. These written journals are excellent resources while you expend your skills as a magician. In a current era of DVD's, don't lose out on the incredible information available in magic books, magic trick catalogs, or magician magazines.

Be sure to make your resource for all your rare and vintage magic trick collectibles. Our selection changes all the time so if you see something you like, Choose from our selection of the top collectible magic trick manufacturers like MAK Magic, UF Grant, Abbott's Magic, Milson Worth, Tora Magic, Wolf's Magic, and many others being added all the time. If you're looking for quality rare and vintage magic trick collectibles to add to your collection or performance,you've come to the right place!

Magic Books, Catalogs, Magazines

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David Ginn Comedy Magic Catalog

Rare and vintage 1998 magic catalog from the legendary David Ginn.

Magic Masters List of Magic

Magic Masters List of Magic. A rare and vintage 37 page 1993 catalog of selected magic effects from Magic Master.

Hank Lee Wonderland

Vintage 1979 magic catalog from Hank Lee's Magic Factory. A nice 151 page magic resource for the magic collector.

The Magic Catalog

Rare and vintage 1978 magic catalog from Jeffery Feinman providing a reference guide to magicians of various magic dealers and their offerings.

Hank Lee Wish Book

Rare and vintage magic catalog from Hank Lee's Magic Factory.

Abbotts Magic Catalog 22

Vintage 1976 magic catalog from Abbott's Magic.

Magic Magazine - 2007

Full year, 12 issues from 2007 of the popular Magic Magazine.

D Robbins Catalogs

Three rare & vintage magic trick catalogs from the magic wholesale distributor D. Robbins covering years 1991, 1992, and 1993

Labyrinth by Kaufman and Company

Limited edition reprint of Stephen Hobbs' underground, and fabulous, magazine from the 1990s: Labyrinth. Less than 100 copies of each issue were originally printed, so the material will be new to virt

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