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Recently Added Listings

Harry Blackstone Jr Newsweek Review

For your consideration is this very rare original 1978 Newsweek magazine outlying a review of the Blackstone Magic Show. Included is an original October 24, 1978 letter from a representative of the Bl

Harry Blackstone Jr Original 1997 Newspaper Obituary Article

For your consideration is this rare original newspaper obituary article from the Philadelphia Inquirer Friday, May 16, 1997. Also included and very rare is an original Reuter News release article of H

Presto Clock - UF Grant

RARE Original UF Grant classic effect where a small clock on an oriental style tray vanishes
$59.95 $49.95

Disecto Arm Chopper

Vintage 1970" Abbott's Magic - Slice & Dice with DISECTO! A VISIBLE Wrist CUTTER! THE BLADE IS ALWAYS IN FULL VIEW!

The Case - SansMinds

The Case (Grey) DVD and Gimmick by SansMinds A precisely engineered device that vanishes your iPhone in the most impossible way.
$59.95 $55.95


N CARD by N2G This is an almost universal card magic prop! Its effect is intuitive and easy to do!

Flight Shin Lim

Kevin Li's "Flight" is the world's first levitating torn and restored card on the market.It elegantly combines two of magic's most popular plots: "Levitation" and "TNR".

Vortex Magic FALL

Vortex Magic FALL is one of the strongest effects you can do with a Sharpie marker.

Block and Silk Transposition

Mel Babcock Block & Silk Transposition. A quality prop from the Magic House of Babcock product line.

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