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Recently Added Listings

Jumbo Balloon Wand - Wolf's Magic

RARE Jumbo Balloon Wand by Wolf's Magic + ATA Case!

Maric Glass

Imagine making a coin VISIBLY penetrate a glass or a ring disappearing instantly. Or maybe you want to do the world’s best VISIBLE glass through table? These super – visual effects are accomplish
$89 $79

ABC Gumball Re-Combobulator + ATA Case - Wolf's Magic

LIMITED TIME OFFERING - WACKY WOLF'S FIRST and DEFINITELY WACKIEST CREATION! is available for sale from my personal collection.
$870 $725

Micro Hip Hop Hares - Wolf's Magic

Another release in Wolf's Magic Micro-Magic Series! A DELUXE Rendition of a Classic in Magic! Each unit is a work of art in itself!
$495 $425

Grants Potato Box - MAK Magic

A vintage effect, Potato Box by UF Grant. A very rare prop not often seen for sale. This is a true original UF Grant classic effect where a small ring is vanished and appears on a ribbon inside a pota
$129 $110

Picture Perfect by Eugene H. Voshell

LIMITED EDITION #8 of 12 made. Picture Perfect - Designed and Built by Eugene H. Voshell is a limited edition card frame which includes a stainless steel tripod, custom-made picture frame, a Mirage fo

Doves to Duck Cage

Doves to Duck Transformation Cage - Layaway Plan Available
$1,695 $1,295

Royal Milk Pitcher from Walter "Zaney" Blaney

The holy grail of milk pitchers, rare and hard to find these days, this is the finest milk pitcher available. Royal Milk Pitcher from Walter "Zaney" Blaney
$150 $139

Exquisite Floating Wine Glass

ON SALE! Exquisite is the most amazing and most practical levitation of a large object we've ever seen!
$85 $79

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