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Tora Magic Flower Vases from Tube

REDUCED 20% for a LIMITED TIME - A beautiful and well crafted prop from the Tora Magic product line. With the Tora Magic Flower Vases from Tube you magically produce four beautiful flower vases from a
$495 $395

Split - Yves Doumergue and JeanLuc Bertrand


Hip Hop Magician - Wacky Wolf MICRO Magic Series

The Hip Hop Magician - Wacky Wolf MICRO Magic Series For your consideration is this extremely rare, discontinued, no longer manufactured The Hip Hop Magician

Masquerade - Magic TAO

You make the impossible, possible with a connection to your spectator like no other. With a kicker ending; this will make jaws drop.

Copins ITS

Ever 'lose' a thread in the middle of a performance? Well now you have I.T.S. to back you up!

Royal Milk Pitcher from Walter "Zaney" Blaney

The holy grail of milk pitchers, rare and hard to find these days, this is the finest milk pitcher available. Royal Milk Pitcher from Walter "Zaney" Blaney
$150 $139

Vanishing Ring by SansMinds

LIMITED RELEASE - What if you can vanish a borrowed ring, without ever touching it or even going near the spectator?

Wacky Wakoon by Wolf's Magic

The newer, second improved version of the Wacky Wakoon. This is an ACTION PACKED routine, by Arthur Atsma & Chance Wolf, is guaranteed to bring fun & laughter to both Adults and children.

Flashy by SansMinds

Flashy (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds Creative Lab is a cool method to have a phone vanish into the light right in between your hands.

Strong Man by Jimmy Strange

Black Label Certified - Strong Man by Jimmy Strange and Merchant of Magic is a new method for visually bending metal that is easy to do and super practical.

Ching Soo Fire Cracker

25% Off Limited Time Only SALE - Extremely rare Rings-n-Things manufactured P&L Ching Soo Fire Cracker.
$195 $145