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Recently Added Listings

Sneeky Snake

The fun begins as the magician talks, the Wolf's Magic Sneeky Snake keeps peaking up and dropping back into the Basket every time the magician tries to catch him. Finally the Sneeky Snake decides to p

Block and Silk Transposition

Mel Babcock Block & Silk Transposition. A quality prop from the Magic House of Babcock product line.

Super Soft Deluxe Nest of Wallets

Any small borrowed item such as a coin or ring instantly reappears wrapped in cloth, inside a nest of three leather wallets.

X-RAY - Rasmus Magic

The ultimate Which Hand effect + the ultimate Kurotsuke Effect! All needed props included!
$49.95 $39.95

ABC Gumball Re-Combobulator + ATA Case - Wolf's Magic

LIMITED TIME OFFERING - WACKY WOLF'S FIRST and DEFINITELY WACKIEST CREATION! is available for sale from my personal collection.

Tora Magic Wine List

Magic Wine List from Tora Magic

Tora Magic Anita Feather Stick

This is a beautiful flower stick. Showing the audience that the tube is empty, he puts the red feather stick from one side into the tube and removes it from the other side. As soon as he removes the f
$179.95 $149.95

Cue The Magic

Cue the Magic by Angelo Carbone,As seen on The Tonight Show!
$250 $210

Dream Act - Shin Lim

OPEN Package/Unused - Reduced Price - The Dream Act is much more than a mere "trick". The Dream Act transcends the act of trying to fool a spectator, into becoming an artistic expression.
$199 $179

Victorian Coins & Glass - Kozmomagic

Whether table hopping or on stage, performing for three people or 300, Victorian Coins and Glass is strong, interactive coin magic at its finest.

Mel Babcock Oriental Die Box

15% Off SALE - LIMITED Time get this rare Mel Babcock Oriental Die Box.
$495 $435

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